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Lemarche-Holidays is an initiative of Vivere e Gustare. All reservations and payments will be made through Vivere e Gustare.

Vivere e Gustare is a trade name of Bliek Consult B.V.
Zuidplein 456

3083 CX
The Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam registration no. 18056289 


When booking you will receive by e-mail a confirmation of booking . The confirmation will be final after receipt of the deposit. The deposit is 50% of the rent.

Agency fee:     37.50 per booking


Should you be forced to cancel the booking the following conditions will be applicable:


For cancellation more than 6 weeks prior, 50% of the total rent
If canceled between 6 and 2 weeks prior, 75% of the total rent
Cancellation less than 2 weeks prior, 100% of the total rent


Obviously we hope that you cancellation is not necessary. If and when this occurs we try find other clients for the period you cancelled. If that proves to be possible then 75% of the cancellation costs will be returned, less the possible price difference and administration costs of  37.50.
Anyway, taking out a travel and cancellation insurance is highly recommended.


Below you find the full rental and booking conditions of  Vivere e Gustare. We recommend you to read these.  If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us.
Rental and booking conditions Vivere e Gustare
The conditions refer to:
The tenant, those who through the mediation of Vivere e Gustare rents an apartment, house, villa or other types of accommodation for a stay,
Accommodation, all accommodation types Vivere e Gustare or Lemarche-Holidays offers on its website www.lemarche-holidays.com or  www.vivere-e-gustare.com offers.



a. If the tenant, through Vivere e Gustare, books  an accommodation, you agree to the terms of the Rental and Reservation Policies, unless otherwise agreed.
b. On behalf of the owners, Vivere e Gustare is authorized to lease the property.
c. Vivere e Gustare undertakes the responsibility, through the booking confirmation, to make the accommodation available to tenants, according to its description on the website of www.lemarche-holidays.com .


1. Reservations for an accommodation can be made by e-mail and telephone..
2. Requests for rent will be submitted to the owner of the property. Upon approval, the request will be, in consultation with the tenant, made into a reservation.
3. The reservation is binding from the moment of agreement between the tenant and Vivere e Gustare. Either by phone or email.
4. Vivere e Gustare is entitled to cancel the reservation, without explanation, within 3 days after booking.
5. Reservations, referring to a calendar year are accepted subject to the continuation of the house in the program of the year and subject to price changes and changes of the accommodation.


2. Rental agreements

1. Tenant will receive within 2 days, or as otherwise agreed a confirmation of the rent by email.
2. No longer than 3 days after receipt of the rental agreement, the tenant is to confirm the agreement by e-mail.
3. Rental Price, in the booking confirmation is shown and includes; he rental fee, the agency fee ( 37.50) what is included and excluded in the rent.. Also a listing of the costs, as stated on the website, which should be paid locally.


3. Payment

Tenants must meet the following payment terms:
1. Within 15 days after receiving the booking confirmation 50% of the rental fee, plus booking fee. The remainder of the rent, not later than six weeks before the start of the rental period. The specific dates for this are in the rental confirmation.
2. Reservations made within 8 weeks before commencement of the rental period should be paid in full.
3. Once the total amount received by Vivere e Gustare, the voucher will be sent to the tenant. The voucher serves as proof of payment and record the relevant information and does not include site costs, which must be paid as stated in the booking confirmation. Within the voucher are the directions to reach the property . The directions, the (key) and address (if applicable) and the address and telephone number of the contact person.


4. Maximum number of persons

1. Both the booking confirmation and the voucher shows the number of people allowed in the accommodation overnight. This number may be exceeded only with written permission. Exceeding this maximum number of people may lead to termination of the lease, removal of the tenants in the apartment, or an increase of the rent.
2. Tenant and the co-tenants should treat the rented house with the necessary care as proper  behaviour. Nuisance to the environment and surroundings should be avoided.
3. If this, in the opinion of the owner or the contact person, is not the case, they are entitled to nullify the lease and to demand that tenants leave the property. Such action shall not be taken, unless the tenant and his fellow tenants, are admonished by the owner or contact person in accordance with point 2.
4. Should the lease be nullified for above-reported reason, tenant can not claim a refund of rental fees .
5. The tenant undertakes everything by him or his fellow tenants to avoid damage to / in the property and immediately report the damage if that is the case.
6. Tenant is obligated to the owner, or someone on behalf of the owner on site to allow for the provision of necessary maintenance and cleaning (eg garden or swimming pool). This visit will be as much as possible in consultation with the renter.
7. Vivere e Gustare explicitly reminds the tenant to take out  or have a valid liability insurance which is also applicable for your stay in Italy.


5. Pets

1. Pets are allowed, with or without charge, only if included in the rent confirmation and / or the voucher..


6. Cancellation by Vivere e Gustare

1. In case of force majeure, such as extraordinary weather conditions, natural disaster, injury, damage to the house, death of the owner of the accommodation Vivere e Gustare can forced to cancel the lease. In that case, the renter will be offered another house, where possible, similar to the booked accommodation. The difference in price will be charged. If the renter decides to cancel the entire lease the refund will the paid according to the payments already made.
2. If Vivere e Gustare should be obliged to cancel the lease beyond its responsibility, the lessee will be allowed the choice between renting another property or repayment of the portion of the rent already paid. In both cases the tenant refrains from further rights.
7. Voluntary cancellation by the tenant
In the case of voluntary cancellation, the following rules:

- Cancellation more than 6 weeks prior arrival, 50% of the total rent
- Cancellation between 6 and 2 weeks prior arrival, 75% of the total rent
- Cancellation less than 2 weeks prior arrival, 100% of the total rent
Vivere e Gustare reminds tenants strongly to take out a travel insurance that covers cancellation due to personal reasons.


8. Arrivals and departures

1. Unless otherwise agreed and stated in the voucher, the property in question can be entered between 16.00 and 19.00 hours. For arrivals outside these times always contact Vivere Gustare in advance. If this is not possible, changes or wishes should be communicated as soon as possible to Vivere e Gustare or contact person listed on the voucher.
2. Unless otherwise stated on the voucher, on the date of departure the premises should be left between 8.00 and 10.00 hours.


9. Deposit, cleaning and liability

1. The deposit is shown in the pricing information listed on the website, the booking confirmation and the voucher. The deposit must be paid in the manner specified in the booking confirmation. The deposit will refunded , subject to deduction of any costs of damage in and around the house, on departure or refunded to the tenant in the manner specified in the rental confirmation. The additional costs (such as linen rental, cleaning, if necessary. Heating, etc.) will have to be paid upon arrival or departure of the tenant in cash.
2. The accommodation should be left behind in good condition, even if there is mandatory cleaning. In the pricing information listed on the website is shown whether it is mandatory and what the final cleaning fee for this service is. If this is not mentioned, the tenant who rented the property is deemed to be leave the property tidy. If this, in the opinion of the owner or the contact  person is insufficient , then they are entitled to charge a fee.
3. Tenant must take care and insure itself  to ensure that such a damage it is sufficiently covered.


10. Complaints, reimbursement in favour of the tenant

1. Vivere e Gustare ensures a most precise description of the accommodation as at the time of publication. Modifications to the homes, which have since been made by the owner can lead to a changed situation. Insofar as is known to Vivere e Gustare, the tenant will be notified of the changed situation and the website will be updated. Where this does not lead to the inability to fully implement the lease, tenant may not derive a refund from this situation.
2. Intentional or gross negligence of Vivere e Gustare relating to rented accommodation. Vivere e Gustare will pay compensation, whose height is consistent with the complaint and will be determined in consultation with the tenant. This indemnity shall in no case exceed the rent.
3. No compensation will be granted, due to deterioration of holiday joy.
4. Any complaints about the rented accommodation must be made within 24 hours after the start of the rental period and should be reported to the owner of the property as well as Vivere e Gustare. Complaints which can not reasonably be made within 24 hours after arrival, should be made as soon as possible to the owner as well as Vivere e Gustare. The owner or Vivere e Gustare will do everything to address the complaint in the short term. If this does not lead to the desired result, the tenant should immediately by e-mail or telephone to notify Vivere e Gustare. Vivere e Gustare is 7 days a week by phone.
5. If the tenant fails to act in accordance to paragraph 4 , Vivere e Gustare shall not accept any obligation of compensation.


11. Liability

1. Vivere e Gustare accepts no liability for damages which the tenant or his possession experiences because of his stay in the rented property.
2. Also, Vivere e Gustare no liability for nuisances outside the leased property. Upon request, Vivere e Gustare will do its utmost to have any inconvenience reduced. However, this can not be guaranteed.


12. Termination of the lease

Without court intervention Vivere e Gustare is entitled to terminate the lease if the tenant fails to:
1. The agreed payment
2. The provisions in the Rental and Reservation Policies
3. The requirements for staying in the accommodation.
In all these cases the tenant is responsible for the total amount owed to Vivere e Gustare.


13. Disputes

If disagreements should arise regarding the Rental and Booking Conditions, it shall be considered by the competent judge to whom the office of Vivere e Gustare resides.

Vivere e Gustare