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Le Marche – the hidden jewel in Italy’s treasure store.

It glistens on the eastern side of central Italy, bordered on the western side by the Appenines, Umbria and Tuscany and on the east by the Adriatic Sea.

Tiny townships perch on the many hilltops crowned by medieval castles. Larger towns in the valleys house incredible architecture and many museums and art galleries of great interest.


The Duomo in Loreto holds the house of Joseph and Mary which is a huge attraction. Romanesque churches abound in even the smallest villages and there is still room for 6 national and regional parks to enjoy the superb countryside, especially the Sibylline Mountains. The Frasassi caves are the most extensive in Europe and are an outstanding example of underground lakes, stalagmites, stalactites and crystal formations.

The 180km coastline of mainly blue flag standard beaches are a delight for swimmers and sailors, especially the southern coast known as the Palm Riviera which is fringed with palm trees and tamarisks that characterise the area.


Virtually every activity is available to the visitor – walking, hiking, skiing, biking, golf, hang gliding, swimming, sailing – the list goes on.

Le Marche is the shoe making centre of Italy and there are many outlets to purchase these and other fashion items. The region is also making a decided move towards organic farming methods – the fruit, vegetables, cheeses, hams, salamis, wines, olive oils, truffles and other local produce from this fertile area are top quality. In the summer time many towns hold festivals to promote their particular speciality.

Le Marche is not only a place for the tourist, it boasts a flourishing economy with the lowest unemployment rate in Italy and hence is an ideal proposition for those interested in starting or expanding a business.

For more information about Le Marche you also might want to take a look at www.le-marche.com the official Regional website with lots of information.